Hi there

I've been diagnosed with Pelvic Dysfunction Syndrome.. after seeing many many doctors and spending a lot of money it seems to me that a lot of people are diagnosed with IC when in fact they have issues with the pelvic floor muscles. I know for me it's not really diet triggered, so the bladder, urethra and all the rest is being squashed and aggrevated by 'high tone' muscle.

Anyway - suggest anyone to consider that, seems that traditional docs jump to the IC prognosis (and sometimes when they dont find any scarring etc inside the bladder). Although maybe it's a catch 22 and bladder pain causes PFD?! Sorry sidebar...

As well as physio i have just been prescribed Librax, i only took my first dose this morning and already feel a little bit of relief. Its been very painful for me to sit and bladder constantly painful and stingy after urination (not to mention a 'burning down there'). Wondering if anyone else has had experience of this? I have read a couple of people touting it as a 'miracle', but there isn't much documented on this.

Also I'm considering botox in my pelvic floor if librax and physio + relaxation doesnt help. Anyone got a good story to tell about this?

BTW - I tried amitriptyline - what a nightmare that was! I couldn't go to work for two days. think i'd rather be in pain than a useless zombie... !

Sending love to all the sufferers!