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    Progesterone cream?

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    I'm seeing a pattern that I get a flare (no pain while peeing or urgency or frequency just bladder deep ache/heaviness and sore when pushed on) in the days right before during and after I ovulate. From what I'm reading this is when my estrogen levels are highest and progesterone is lowest. I am not on any birth control. When I was pregnant 3 years ago I had take progesterone supplements because my levels were low. And I struggle with very low libido though my cycles are regular. Does anyone use progesterone cream to help with this discomfort during my cycle??

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    Re: Progesterone cream?

    ahh weird for me its worse during period as estrogen is low. If only there was one answer for this devil's disease! You can get progesterone only pills though i think, the mini pill?

    Although not sure why i'm recommending the pill, its helped me get rid of the pain but clearly the route of the problem! Whoever thought years of hormones was a good idea?

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