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    Pregnant and not lucky.

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    I'm re-writing this post, as the previous one was filled with anxiety and clearly didn't get my points across.

    Why I wrote the post: I felt overwhelmed and terrified because the pain from IC will only get worse as pregnancy progresses. Birth will likely also be traumatic, and although I've done research, there is no foolproof way to further avoid damaging my entire bladder/crotch region. I held off an extra few hours on using azo yesterday, and my urethra kept throbbing and crotch burned for an hour after. I will not be able to mentally handle the pregnancy if I'm told to quit AZO by drs. As much as that's up for debate, the only compromise I'll make if asked to is to reduce my usage to once at night (nocturia) rather than twice a day (always get dehydrated overnight even if i drank water, it's a curse).

    AZO was the focus of my post.

    Now the other points I brought up:
    I know nausea is normal. My reason for bringing that up is if someone was to tell me to change my diet. My body has always been picky about food and what it needs to eat to not feel sick. Even before being pregnant I'd get nauseated from hunger if i didn't eat enough of something solid like a slab of meat, or a bunch of bread.

    I did try the IC diet, and it did NOT work for me. The only relief I had after a month and a half of the diet was a mere 2 days of being in almost no pain but I still had a dull ache, and then my period started and just like before, my diet didn't matter and my crotch still burned. A lot of mine is clearly hormone related. It's also not possible to avoid irritants when you have to take them for your baby's health. Very hardcore acidic drinks DO affect me so I stopped drinking them a long time ago, but pregnancy requires vitamin c. I also stopped taking B12 which is also required during pregnancy. I will be in pain REGARDLESS of my diet.

    The only real control I have is over whether or not I can take pain relievers to help or not.
    The AZO was the focus of my post. And the fear the new Dr's I haven't seen yet won't even believe my condition is real or won't take it seriously. I don't like confrontation, and don't want to have to argue with a dr over what I need to do to keep sane. I've even heard bladder problems can lead to spasming/contractions that trigger early birth, and that is definitely not favorable.
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    Re: Pregnant and not lucky.

    Unfortunately, it's not unusual to experience nausea during early pregnancy --- also not unusual to have strange cravings. Fortunately the nausea usually abates after a few weeks. I do encourage you to stick with the IC diet (see diet information at the link in my signature below). I hope you'll be able to see your doctor soon.

    Warm hugs,
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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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