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    Flare Up After Pregnancy

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    Has anyone been completely symptom free during a pregnancy? I just had my daughter in June and could eat and drink whatever I wanted while pregnant with her and not have a flare up. However, now that I am almost 4 months postpartum my bladder has started flaring like crazy. I have slowed down on breastfeeding after going back to work so I am thinking this flare is because of the hormone change in my body.

    Just wondering if any mommas have tips on what to use or take during a flare up when you are breastfeeding? Also, if you did flare after your pregnancy how long did your flare last once your hormones finally regulated?

    Lastly, if you have had more than one pregnancy did your IC get worse with each one? I have heard that it does with each pregnancy and I hate the idea of not giving my daughter a sibling but I canít imagine allowing the pain to get much worse than this.

    Thank you all!!

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    Re: Flare Up After Pregnancy

    Since my children were born and breast-fed before I developed IC, I can't answer your question --- but I did want to say to the IC Network family.

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