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    I have IC - new here

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    I have a complicated history. For the last two years, I have been struggling with vulvodynia and was just getting it under control when I contracted a UTI in July. I was prescribed Macrobid and on the fourth day of treatment, I broke out on a rash and a terrible pelvic burning set in, worse than with the original vulvodynia. I was taken off Macrobid and the UTi cleared up with a Sulfa drug, but the burning never went away. In August, the stinging and burning was so unrelenting, I had my urine tested again, and the lab found enterococcus, so I was put on amoxicillin for 7 days. Those seven days were tough, even more pain. Since then I have been left with the following: the feeling of great sensitivity around my bladder, and burning after peeing that worsens in the evening. No frequency or urgency or problems at night.
    I have a appointment with a urologist in early November at a cystoscopy clinic. I have been on the IC diet for five weeks, see a pelvic physio regularly and do pelvic exercises every day. Additionally, I have had a CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen (as I am a cancer patient in remission) and it came back clean.
    I am terribly frustrated that these symptoms are hanging around. Do I have IC? How long before I will see relief?
    I am encouraged by the community and caring of this board and glad I joined!
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    Re:I have IC - new here

    Dear longboatlady
    Please hang in there and u must wait for results in November so that u have a clear mind on what exactly what u are dealing with once u have your answer then procide with well trained and experienced informed people I.C is and can be very confusing and frustrating patience and pushing forward and never ever be hard on your self all your questions can be posted and experienced doctors and long lived I.C . Patients may help calm your fears and hope fully help with finding some relief
    I wish u all the best and please let me know how your visit went in November
    Hopefaith thinking of u
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    Re: I have IC - new here

    to the IC Network. It sounds like you've had a really hard time. I'm also a cancer patient, currently controlled.

    It's good that you're following the diet. One thing you could do is keep a diary, listing everything that goes in your mouth, urinary frequency, pain levels, activities --- you might be able to identify some triggers by referring back to the diary when symptoms increase.

    It's good you have the urology appointment.

    Warm hugs,
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