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    Tips for chlorine induced flare?

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    Although I am not officially diagnosed with IC due to poor quality urologists, I have been dealing with IC symptoms for the last 8 months and believe I have it.
    I have been taking oxybutynin since May which really helped me feel normal again. My main symptoms were urgency, frequency, and pressure and they became almost non existent except for when I had sex (I would feel pressure to pee during penetration but not at any other time).
    I had a small flare that lasted about 2 days in September when I had an alcoholic cocktail on my fiance's birthday. That was my first real flare after I started taking oxybutynin and my first time drinking alcohol since my symptoms started.
    Two days ago (October 3rd), I went swimming at the local rec centre. I hadn't gone in a pool since last December (before I started having symptoms) and no more than 10 minutes after being in the water, I started to have the same pressure and urgency as I did before I started taking oxybutynin. Its been two days now and I now have all 3 of the main symptoms I had before as well as the sensation of swelling in my urethra and some itching. Sometimes surges of pain too. I've been using AZO these last few days and continuing the oxybutynin but it isn't helping much. I've also read on what to do when having a flare but haven't found much that is specific to my situation. Diet does not affect me, other than alcohol, and I do not typically have burning.

    Basically, my ulimtate questions are:
    What should I do to help lessen the length of this flare?
    How long do flares induced by chlorine typically last?
    What can I do to help subside the symptoms while I go through the flare?

    Help and suggestions are greatly appreciated..thank you in advance!

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    Re: Tips for chlorine induced flare?

    The things I think of are drinking enough to help clear the chlorine out of your urethra. A sitz bath with Epsom salts can be soothing. Adding a little baking soda to a glass of water might help. I think time is probably the best thing in your favor.

    If you swim again, you could try liberally applying Vaseline to your urethra. And absolutely don't sit around in a wet swim suit --- best to shower immediately after swimming, and put on dry clothes.

    I hope this flare goes away quickly.

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