Latest Blog Article: Beaumont Study Seeks Women With IC/BPS (Royal Oak, MI)
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    Post New IC/BPS Phenotyping System Proposed – INPUT

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    From UPOINT to INPUT – Another new phenotyping system proposed Released in 2009, the*UPOINT System for the Clinical Phenotyping of Chronic Pelvic Pain*by Nickel, Shoskes and Rackley asked*physicians to look at and beyond*the bladder in six different areas, including: what urinary symptoms are present? what’s the condition of the bladder (i.e. Hunner’s lesions)? does the [...]
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    Re: New IC/BPS Phenotyping System Proposed – INPUT

    Interesting.... as I would fall under both Hunner lesions and bladder wall driven. I agree with a multimodality treatment approach, but unfortunately finding specialists that are highly familiar with IC is difficult.
    I have basically done every treatment for IC except cyclosporine and botox. Everything has failed. I live on pain meds all day. My diet is so strict that I now have multiple vitamin deficiencies. I have also tried numerous alternative therapies. I would do a cystectomy, but doctors seem to think living in pain is better. Currently taking Synthroid, Elmiron, Percocet, Toradol, Desert Harvest aloe. Interstim done 4 times, what a waste. Also newly diagnosed with Hunners Ulcers on cysto. Now disabled due to IC. A body of life, a bladder of hell.

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