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    Unhappy I really am depressed now and how to get back up

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    Since no one responded I deleted what I wrote. I will say no more. Just like in my real life no one ever answers me. I will deal with it on my own.
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    Re: I really am depressed now and how to get back up

    I didn't see your original post, because I don't visit here everyday, because honestly it can increase my anxiety which makes things worse. Please know that you're not alone feeling depressed -- I have been too, and probably a lot of other IC people, too. I even told a therapist a couple months ago that "I can't live like this" -- which probably really freaked her out! One thing I try to do is remind myself that things could be worse, and some people I know actually do have worse health issues that they're having to learn to live with. I think we're inundated by imagery of people in perfect health, too, which is a lie. Most people are struggling with something, or will be sooner or later. One example: The pelvic floor therapist in my town is booked up until October -- which made me realize there are a ton of us out around here dealing with pain!

    We need to work hard to enjoy life as much as we can. I'm also trying not to give up hope -- although that really is easier said than done sometimes. Anyway, I hope it helps a little to know that you're not alone in this. I find that I go through these depressive "dips" that last a little while, but then get better. Sometimes I just have to ride them out.
    Diagnosed October 2012. Have never identified specific foods that trigger symptoms, but stress and hormone fluctuations are big triggers. I avoid foods/substances that are common triggers for other people.

    Have tried without long-term success:

    Cystoprotek (for 2+ years)
    Marshmallow root (for 1+ years)
    Desert Harvest aloe vera (for 1+ years)
    Corn silk
    Imipramine (Tofranil)
    Office instills (no relief from these, even temporary)
    Chinese herb blends
    Gluten-free diet (no improvement in anything, not even energy level)

    Also have: GERD and migraines.

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    Re: I really am depressed now and how to get back up

    Me too, sometimes I forget to check the forums but I have been depressed and anxious partly due to now being unemployed and worrying how my IC and MCS will affect a new job.
    I suggest re-posting the original message

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    Re: I really am depressed now and how to get back up

    I'm not sure how I could have missed a post --- please post again.

    Have you checked the ICN Shop? for US & Canada for all others

    Patient Help:


    Diet list:

    AUA Guidelines:

    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

    Anyone who says something is foolproof hasn't met a determined fool

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    Re: I really am depressed now and how to get back up

    Hi Waterflow I developed Major Depressive Episodes a few years ago due to severe long-term IC pain and Fibromyalgia. I'm sorry I missed your post - I don't get on these boards as often as I used to because I've struggled with tons of fatigue and pain the last couple of years.

    Most of us with depression tend to isolate alot (and I'm the WORST offender when it comes to isolation's a work in progress sigh...), hence the reason why some of us aren't on the boards consistently. But it's the absolute worst thing we can do.

    If you decide to re-post or reach out just know we're here, and you're not alone.
    "She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails." -Unkown

    IBS/Endometriosis/Prolasped Uterus/CFS, ME/Fibromyalgia/Refractory IC/Celiac Disease/Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction (Immune System issues) B12, Vit D deficiencies

    Many surgeries over the years, mainly: Total hysterectomy/Gallbladder & Thyroid removed

    Treatments: Tried all except Interstim, Botox injections and bladder removal. I've never been in remission.

    Daily-Prednisone steroid down to 3mg long-term, Demerol 50mg, Diazepam 2mg
    As needed-Home TENS unit, AZO Standard, Marshmallow Root Capsules, D Mannose powder, Prelief. STRICT IC DIET or I'm bed ridden. I'm under the care of a Pain Management Clinic.

    Was on SS Disability for IC 2004-2006. Back to work 10 years. Annnnd-My bod gave out. Back on Disability as of Aug 2016. WE NEED A CURE!!

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