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Thread: Pears

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    Anyone bothered by pears? I have been following the diet for two months. Evening is my worst time, no matter what I eat. It just seems pears might be part of the problem.

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    Re: Pears

    Hi, yes I am still cant work out why. I used to be able to eat them but I'm super diet sensitive now. I have had lots problems with my gut flora and SIBO etc
    and my IC seemed to get worse through this and now pears and apples are out. I cant tolerate oxalates and both are only medium in oxalates but maybe that's enough ?
    I have really learnt over the last five years of increasing symptoms that just because other IC people can tolerate things doesn't mean I can and vice versa so its corny but you just have to go with your own body.
    I know you probably know his but if you can face it have a really bland food day with safe foods then try one and see if its that, so hard when we can have so many variables.
    Best of luck

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