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Thread: Recipes?

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    Hi guys, I wanna spice things up a bit. Usually i eat plain chicken, plain burgers or plain steak every night for dinner. Obviously that gets really tiring so I was wondering if you guys could possibly share your favorite meal recipe with me? Maybe a couple if you have time (: Thank you!
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    Re: Recipes?

    I don't often use recipes when cooking meats and vegetables --- I have a little herb garden and I add some of the leaves when I cook. It makes a huge difference in taste.

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    Re: Recipes?

    Hi I really enjoy cooking so don't even get me started!!! hahaha
    I agree that I'd use herbs to start with as I seem to tolerate most of those except chilli plant. I love dill and coriander as my favourites. A lot of pre bought marinades contain tomato or soy sauce etc so I make my own with coconut dressing which still has a salty flavour and honey or maple syrup, or caramelised apple and pear. I also luv roasting other tolerable veggies and pureeing them into a sauce, it's amazing how much flavour you get out of that.
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    Re: Recipes?

    Have you looked at the recipe forum to get some ideas? There are lots of poultry recipes there.

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