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    Hydrodistention Done Today

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    Hello everyone!

    I had my first cystoscopy with hydrodistention done today under anesthesia. I was fortunate enough to not need anything to relax me (and I also didn't want anything extra making me feel loopy after). I woke up with some pain and they gave me some pain medication through my IV and a B&O suppository. The pain receded after that. Now that I'm home, I'm having some pain again with a lot of frequency. The pain is tolerable, though. After six hours, I took another B&O and I'm waiting for that to work its magic again.
    When I first woke up after a nap when I got home, I couldn't pee at all. I called the doctor's office and they wanted me to go in for a scan, but shortly after that I was peeing fine so I cancelled the scan.

    My question is how long does blood come out? I've had a small amount of blood after urinating three times, but those were all within an hour and a half of each other. The frequency is normal, too, right? That's one of my main symptoms when I flare up, and since I was told it often gets worse before it gets better and that bladder spasms are normal, I figure that this is too.
    Can anyone ease my mind?
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