Hi everyone. I'm 23 and my doctors think I have IC. I have lupus, fibro, possible endo, PCOS, epilepsy, narcolepsy, hyper mobility, ANS dysfunction, POTS tacky/ Brady syndrome, bleeding disorder (to name a few issues). The past several years I've always felt like I had UTIs several times years but always came back clean. For the past few months I always burn like I'm having a uti, having to pee a lot, and discomfort in my lower stomach. I've done belly scans, and inner vagina scans and they came back normal. The pain gets so bad that I've really haven't been able to hold down food in the past few months. It's also physiologically bugging me having my lady area burn 24/7. It's causing me a lot of anxiety and depression.

I'm also peeing blood at times.... I see a urologist next week.