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Thread: Self matters!

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    Self matters!

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    It's been a long time since I've posted here. I joined back in 2007 and have shared and read stories over the years until probably 4 years ago. I was diagnosed with IC after a kidney stone episode and over the years tried many things to help with my urethra burning. Over this time period I've seen about 5 urologists and one Uro/Gyn who really worked with me trying different things. Only one of the urologists I saw was convinced I had IC. The others would not commit to a diagnoses without further testing which I was reluctant to do. So I've basically been dealing with this horrible burning and urgency for 10 years mostly on my own! The last 5 years I've had other major health problems that have put me through the wringer including a broken hip from a fall and a hip replacement. I can no longer ignore IC and pretend it's going to get better because I've now taken a turn for the worse and have actual abdominal pain. So once again I will be seeing a female Uro tomorrow who treats IC patients. I've had two bleeding incidents along with terrible pain that my primary doctor felt was more kidney stones that were passing. My tests of course show no infection but everything else is abnormal. My urine is very cloudy and the frequency is awful. I am hoping this new doctor will help shed some light on what is happening and why! I know I have neglected myself as far as IC is concerned but can no longer do it. I guess my message to others is do the diet and take care of yourself. I can't be strong and pretend this isn't happening anymore and it certainly hasn't paid off. I'm praying I get help tomorrow!

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    Re: Self matters!

    I hope the new doctor will be able to help.

    Sending warm well wishes,
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    Re: Self matters!

    Thank you Donna! I do have an infection and am on antibiotics. I also had a CAT scan done today that will show kidneys and bladder and I will be scheduled for a cysto when the results from that come back.

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