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    Another Flare Coming On

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    Hi. I had been having a flare for around a month and had been beyond miserable,as you all will understand. Due to the wonderful support and ideas here, I had a couple of days of say a 2 on a 0-10 scale of pain and the other equally awful symptoms. I had been at a 6, sometimes 7. So a 2 was great!

    I'm on the IC diet and understand that it can take awhile to really help. I am using OTC pyridium, but skipping days as I am able, taking Tylenol, Vistaril (at the prescribed dose of 100mg/night) using a peribottle, gentle soap, Neosporin with the pain reliever in ointment topically AND in spite of all of this, I can feel the previous level of flare ramping up. :'(

    What else can I do? Oh, I forgot, I take a little Klonopin also. I really don't see how you brave (mostly) women cope with this continuously. You all have my admiration. If you have any ideas about this current oncoming nasty flare, I would be very grateful. I feel at a loss right now and appreciate your lifeline! Thank you.

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    Re: Another Flare Coming On

    I hope you are feeling better.
    I have used a few at home remedies that have helped during those nasty flares. Baking soda and water work really well to help sooth (drink fast cause it won't taste great). Also, milk surprisingly​. I recommend less rich kinds like 1-2%, or almond. I also try to remain as inactive as possible, use a heating pad, and STAY HYDRATED.

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    Re: Another Flare Coming On

    Hi Dani,

    Sorry for your pain. I am also in a flare right now. I am also like you in that I am a two one day and a seven the next. After trying most of what is recommended for IC I sought out a good pain management dr and started taking pain meds. My reasoning is if I cant find an immediate relief for my IC by conventional IC treatments I might as well try pain meds until I find something that works.

    Feel better

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