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    Re: Was wondering if anyone else used diapers for their IC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrearail1 View Post
    Donna, I don't think it is incontinence as much as pain when the bladder even starts to fill up, right after peeing. Even just a tiny bit causes pain and pressure. But leakage doesn't happen. I actually need to deliberately void, say every 10 minutes. I am hoping this is a phase and maybe the Elmiron will help. I will try those Depends Silouettes that members mention. The maximum poise pads also rarely leak.
    Im the same, pain/pressure feeling at the slightest bit of urine, not to mention the tingling feeling in the urethra, grrrrr!!! I have started wearing attends pull ons level 8 when going out, I continuously void in them every 5/10mins with occasional bathroom trips too every 30 mins or so and find I do not need to change them for at least an hour or 2. I would love to wear one at night as I'm getting so fed up of getting out of bed every few minutes however scared it might make me incontinent as my body will just get used to voiding so quickly.

    Wildberrysugar is your frequency any better now?
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