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    Unhappy strange urinary problem

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    hello i have strange urinary problem from last 6 months. i also suffering from ibs since 2008 but problem is i pee a lot of times while having bowel movements and after bowel movements and this frequent urination also happen while i am taking shower.But this frequent urination problem gets worse if i do masterbate, seems like frequent urination problem increasing after masterbating. i also visited urologist but they took ultrasound test and urine test,all is normal i don't know what is the exact problem. pls help me on this.

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    Re: strange urinary problem

    Since sex can initiate a flare, I wonder if masturbation can do the are introducing fingers or objects, so it's not like there maybe or may not be organisms on them (especially fingers--the human body has strep, staph and yeast on it in small amounts unless it becomes opportunistic... like in the case of a damaged bladder.
    Or--perhaps it stimulates the very nerves that set off your IC symptom of frequency.
    These are merely theories. I don't really know, but maybe some things you can think on to see what you think.

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