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    In need of advice ASAP!!

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    This past Monday I started doing some light exercises. I walk back & forth through my house 2 times a day, for 10 minutes. I exercise my arms & legs while sitting on the couch, for 5-10 minutes. Each separated by a hour. I have had no IC symptoms since Sunday, except for yesterday evening. I had slight pelvic pain & perineum pressure. I think that may have been caused by the sour cream I put on my baked potato at supper last night. I haven't eaten any sour cream since being diagnosed. Also, I was "bad" yesterday & this morning! I ate 9 hershey's kisses hugs, 2 devil creme cakes, 3 hershey's kisses, & 2 assorted chocolates (strawberry cream & orange cream covered in milk chocolate). My monthly is due some time between tomorrow & next Tuesday. I have always craved chocolate the week before my monthly, like something awful.

    To the reason I'm writing this post. I just did my leg exercises, I had already walked 10 minutes & did my arm exercises, now I'm having severe pelvic pain!! So, how do I know what caused the sudden onset of pain? Is it the exercise, the chocolate, or my monthly coming?

    I had been in constant pain since the end of January! I started Elmiron (100 mg 3 times a day) about 2 weeks ago. so when I, finally had a pain free day Sunday, then again Monday, I was thinking that the Elmiron was working. When I say constant pain I mean, I was in bed, curled up in a ball sobbing day & night!

    So, any advice would be great! I'm in severe pain currently! I have done almost all my flare treatments. I take Hydroxyzine every night, Naproxen 550 mg, Acetaminophen 1000 mg, Cyclobenzarine 10 mg, a heating pad on my lower stomach, pelvic area & the Elmiron. I haven't taken the Acetaminophen. If it doesn't ease up by the time my husband gets home from work, I may have to go to the Doctor's office for a rescue treatment. I don't have insurance, so I only go for rescue treatments when I can't take the pain any more!

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    Re: In need of advice ASAP!!

    It's possible that it's all three causing your flare. It's pretty quick for elmiron to be working --- it can take six months or longer to become effective. It does sound like you ingested quite a bit of chocolate, which is a problem for many of us. There's also the possibility that it's related to the menstrual cycle's hormone changes. You might want to try some baking soda in water (or Tums) to see if that helps calm it down. And you might want to slow down on the exercise routine for a day or two until your flare slows down.

    I hope you feel better quickly.

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    Re: In need of advice ASAP!!

    Most likely the chocolet, but that is why a diary really helps.

    It has not been very long that your pain stopped with the Elmiron, you need to wait longer to try foods you should not eat, and only one to begin with.

    I would not think it is the exercise but anything is possible.
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    Re: In need of advice ASAP!!

    Naproxen kills me I won't touch it, many people find NSAIDS bother their bladders and can not take it.
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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