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    Advice please :(

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    Hi all
    I am 21 and got diagnosed with IC last year and found this forum. Fortunately, I am one of the lucky ones and even though I get symptoms every day they are manageable. However, like a lot of stories I have read it came on from a nasty uti which is the topic as to why I'm writing. Like I said my IC is manageable but on top of it I am getting UTIS every single month and currently in pain with one now. I don't think they are period related. My urologist has given me a 3 month course of antibiotics which I hadn't taken up until now as I had tried cranberry supplements and wanted to see if they was effective first (obviously not). I know the women on here will have uti history and if anyone can give me any advice apart from the bogstandard one as I obviously follow anyway. I am sexually actively and always pee after sex wipe the right way etc but it's ruining my life. Due to the IC and constant infections my urologist wants me to have bladder installations as he described it as cleaning my bladder which will probably be irritated from all the antibiotics as well as the IC. Once a week for 6 weeks is a lot for someone with a busy life but i don't know whether it will help my utis. I am from the UK and can't get D-mannose without paying loads for shipping which is what I really wanted to try. I really don't know what to do I am sick of antibiotics but I suppose I'll just have to try them this is my last hope.

    Thank you sorry for the length.

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    Re: Advice please :(

    First of all I am sorry you are dealing with this. First of all I want to warm you that cranberry capsules are BAD for people with IC. It causes flares so stay away.

    Installations are relatively simple and well worth it. If they do not work right away, do not give up on it. Sometimes, it will take time. It did for me.

    Have your urine samples for UTI been cultured? I am unable to give much advice on the antibiotics for three months.

    Thinking about you from across the pond.

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    Re: Advice please :(

    I have to agree that cranberry supplements aren't usually a good idea for someone with interstitial cystitis. You've probably tried all of the hints I have to avoid infections, but I'll repeat them anyway, just in case you haven't tried them all:
    1. Stay out of the bath tub (shower to cleanse yourself). If sitting in a tub eases IC symptoms, take a shower first --- otherwise you are sitting in water containing the contaminants you have picked up since you last bathed.
    2. Use only pain white, unscented toilet tissue and blot, don't wipe.
    3. After a bowel movement, wash thoroughly, being sure you avoid contaminating the urethra.
    4. Wear only plain white underpants with cotton crotches.
    5. Urinate and shower after sex. If you find sex brings on infections, ask about a prophylactic antibiotic. You will also want to have your partner checked to rule out a carrier.
    6. Always use extra lubricant for sex --- buy the small size (less chance for contamination) and squeeze some out on a tissue to avoid hand contact with the contents of the tube.

    I'm sure I'm missing some suggestions; hopefully others will add to this.

    Good luck!
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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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    Re: Advice please :(

    Sorry you are going through this...I was suffering with a recurrent UTI...actually we figured out I wasn't getting a "NEW" UTI the antibiotics were just never fully ridding my bladder of the original have to realize that antibiotics start out in your mouth 100% effective..did you know by the time they get to the bladder they are only 35% effective...yup this was proven with a test by a dr. of a girl who was being treated by a specialist I saw. The specialist I saw was a Nurse Practicioner that specializes in Recurrent UTI, IC, Lyme Disease...I have to say she cured me from the recurrent UTI...if you want info PM me.

    Do you take Fem Dopholis??? If not you need to...2 pills every day...I firmly believe this has kept my UTI away.

    Also...I still have bacteria in my urine...if I took a culture right now it would show bacteria...but I see an Infectious Disease Doctor now..and he says unless I have symptoms..pain when uriniating...fever etc...than NO ANTIBIOTICS. He said every bladder has bacteria in's just a matter of if it causes pain or full blown infection...if not you should not take antibiotics. Be sure your pain is NOT IC pain..but an actual UTI infection pain (which is generally pain when your stream is going to stop).

    I also treat once a month with raw garlic NO GARLIC PILLS...I do 3 cloves 3 x a day for 3 also has helped big time! If i have any pain I take it and the pain is gone.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Advice please :(

    Hi Rebecca. I live in the Uk & i buy the D Mannose at AmazonUk. I'm sure if you spend over £20 it's free postage & packaging. I hope you feel better soon x

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    Re: Advice please :(

    Like one of the other said, I wonder if it's not the same UTI you have never gotten rid of, and not recurrent UTI's.
    What is the culture of your urine? Is the organism resistant to any drugs?
    This information makes a huge difference in which antibiotic you'll need. Otherwise the infection will remain.
    And as Donna said, seeing if your partner is a carrier might be beneficial, as well.
    Hope you feel better soon!

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    Re: Advice please :(

    A magnesium deficiency can cause recurrent uti's. 80% of Americans are deficient. It may be worth researching for yourself.
    Hope you feel better!

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