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    Angry I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

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    Just thinking about cooking makes me angry. So, my question is, are there any FREE sources out there for SUPER SIMPLE recipes for interstitial cystitis? I can make eggs, French toast and pasta, but I read somewhere that bread and pasta (gluten) are bad for IC. There's a lot of opposing info out there, it's kind of making me a little upset and confused.

    EDIT: Maybe I should be more specific. Anything that takes 20 minutes or more is too long, and I like microwave cooking, not oven cooking. But I appreciate the replies so far! Links would be great too! Looks like I need to stock up on potatoes.
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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    Put sweet potato in microwave and cook for 5-7 minutes. Do the same with frozen broccoli or other frozen veggies. Eat a handful of blueberries.
    Fast, healthy, easy, cheap, IC friendly.

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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    I buy big bags of frozen chicken from Costco. I bake a chicken breast (rubbed with olive oil and garlic salt), microwave a frozen veggie and red potato. It's very IC friendly and easy to make.
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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    I look stuff up on Pinterest from boards titled IC recipes. Sometimes that has easy stuff to make. What about chicken? You can boil it and shred it and use it for all kinds of stuff: chicken pasta, chicken quesidillas, chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, chicken alfeedo, chicken enchiladas (with IC friendly ingredients, I use red bell peppers to make a red sauce), etc etc

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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    Bean cakes (aka homemade veggie burgers):

    1 can fatfree refried beans
    1.5 cup old fashion dry oats (ie Quaker)
    1 mashed sweet potato (cooked in micro)
    1/4 cup warm water
    any spices or herbs you can tolerate (parsley, thyme, basil, salt, pepper, etc)

    mix everything together
    form into patties or sliders
    brown in skillet on both sides or bake in oven for 20 mins or so on parchment paper @ 450F
    serve with lettuce and avocado and sliced cucumbers

    these travel well at room temp so make for a good packed lunch on the go

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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    I use my microwave a lot! And I'm a label reader --- there are lots of different frozen entrees that are IC friendly --- you just need to read the labels to check for triggers.

    The food list at the link in my signature is a good one to use --- I know there are many, many different diets you can find on the internet, but I honestly think the one on this site is as good, if not better, than other ones. There are some people with IC who can't tolerate gluten, but it's not usually a problem. I'm fine with white bread and with some of the grain breads. For some reason whole wheat causes me gastric distress. I usually bake our bread, but if I'm busy or just lazy, I buy the kind that is baked at our local grocery stores.

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    Re: I Seriously Hate Cooking. Help?

    There is a thing called a Stonewave - it looks like an onion soup crock and it's a way to microwave things. Like eggs or chicken or make cake. I use mine pretty much for chicken because eggs are quicker on the stove top. You can put in 2 small chicken thighs or 1 breast cut up and add salt and seasonings and microwave. You want to have this on an oven safe plate (there is boil over) and you may have to rotate the chicken but it's done faster than on the stove top.

    Then I microwave plain veggies, add instant rice (cooked from stove top, or plain frozen rice depending on how little I feel like cooking) and mix it all together with butter and some fresh parsley.

    I eat a lot of that during a flare because it's easy and simple and I don't have to read labels (after the intial label reading of the frozen ingredients). Another thing that's tasty (but it actually looks horrid so be warned) is making a "sauce" out of eggplant. I chop it up and cook with garlic in the skillet (although you can roast it in the oven, you put it on a tray lined with foil, poke holes, leave it until done). Add salt and tolerated dried herbs, then mash it up and mix it with chicken and pasta. Sometimes I'll add ricotta to it for added flavor. and pasta water to get the consistency I want . It will be gray. Not an nice color but it's tasty.

    The main thing is figuring out what you can tolerate. When I was first diagnosed with IC I was in a horrible months long flare and couldn't eat any cheese or mayo. But once I got that under control I can get eat cheese unless things get really bad. Then I tend to fall back to a very limited diet.

    Oh and spinach. I'll add spinach to things. I also know which canned soups I can eat when I'm not flaring and will "doctor" up the soups by adding fresh spinach other ingredients to both bulk it up (they are usually too watery for my tastes) and add extra nutrition.

    There's also found I tolerated a brand of frozen meatballs that went on sale (but I don't remember the name I think it was a regional brand) and I used the stonewave to cook those. Add it to pasta with the eggplant sauce or add to soup. Or just mix with pasta and ricotta and spinach. And frozen spinach ravoli I can deal with. butter and parsley for sauce with some extra fresh spinach wilted on top or and chicken or meatballs.

    Not really recipes so much as throwing things together that I can eat and I know will mostly taste good. I used to love cooking but having IC has taken all the joy out of it so I've turned into a heat and mix together type of person.

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