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    Post The Holidays Are Here - Any Cocktail Recipes Worth Trying?

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    Hi All

    The holidays are rapidly approaching, and I'd love to be able to enjoy at least one drink at a party this year! Has anyone had success with different types of alcohol and/or mixers?

    While I generally don't drink anymore due to my IC, I did indulge in a gin cocktail for my 30th recently with surprisingly no flare! I did drink LOTS of water before and after the cocktail, though. Recipe below.

    - Gin (1 shot)
    - Mashed (then strained) cucumber, basil and mint; tasted like a really, really strong pesto!

    Would love any other suggestions to try if my symptoms continue to be manageable.


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    Re: The Holidays Are Here - Any Cocktail Recipes Worth Trying?

    My friend used to drink something with rootbeer, I don't know it's name, IC'ers tend to be able to tolerate rootbeer better than other pops.

    Maybe you should stick with gin cocktail and not risk a flare during the holiday. Each year there is many people with a post holiday flare.

    I assume that most are caused by eating a holiday food not in there normal diet. So be careful what you eat.

    I don't drink or very very rarely, if I do have a drink I drink 1-2 tequila shots, this has never caused me to flare. Of course the shots are gone right away and you have the rest of the evening.

    I take my own drinks with me when I go out, if there is going to be drinking I take herb teas add ice, maybe some berries in it, pour it into a glass and nobody knows you are not drinking.

    You were right to drink lots of water with your drink of gin, I would do that again.

    I know you are looking for a drink you could drink that likely would be safe, I don't know of any, but hopefully above strategies will help you get through the holiday flare free.
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    Re: The Holidays Are Here - Any Cocktail Recipes Worth Trying?

    I usually just stick with ice water. I can, however, get away with a small glass of white dessert wine.

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