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Thread: Releveum

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    Has anyone tried the new Desert Harvest product called Releveum? I have so much tissue pain, inflammation after "trying" to have sex.
    Diagnosed Nov 2012 after birth of my daughter. I feel like IVF hormone injections triggered my debilitating IC symptoms, but that I had it mildly even before that and didn't realize it.

    Currently taking daily: probiotics, licorice root, vitex, vitaminB12, thyraxis, D3, Calcium/Magnesium, permeability factors, digestive enzymes. Nightly castor oil packs on my abdomen. I follow the IC diet, anti-inflammatory diet, gluten and dairy-free (most of the time), with as much organic, local food as possible.

    My approach is to try to get to the root of the problem, which according to everything I've read, is probably centered in the gut (read, chronic constipation my whole adult life). I have a list of things to try and keep checking things off my list. My inspiration has been Wendy Cohan's Better Bladder Book.

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    Re: Releveum

    I haven't tried this but the ingredients look like a really good combination for any skin or tissue inflammation. If you do try it let us know what you think.

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    Re: Releveum

    I haven't tried that, but Desert Harvest is a reputable company --- if you try it, please let us know how it goes.

    Have you checked the ICN Shop? for US & Canada for all others

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    Re: Releveum

    Quote Originally Posted by prisd View Post
    Has anyone tried the new Desert Harvest product called Releveum? I have so much tissue pain, inflammation after "trying" to have sex.
    "I tried Releveum for Vulvodynia. Initially thought it was just what I needed, the Lidocaine numbed the area for several hours. When it wore off, the irritation returned, and after several days I realized that every time the lidocaine wore off, my condition was even worse than before. After several days I stopped using it. One of the many ingredients listed other than Lidocaine and Aloe was irritating me.

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