Just reading this again and wanted to add something about surgery being a fix for the labral tear/Fai and IC/bladder pain.
I have both, pretty badly and suffer daily pain in the right groin and pelvis with terrible pain to the bladder.
Unfortunately for me, because of my age and condition of my hip injury and arthritis, they will not operate on the fai/ tear. When the patient is over 40 the outcomes are considered poor so they donít do them.
I went to the top hip arthroscopic surgeon in Boston (and I also work in this business so I have connections to whom the best surgeons are) and he told me to do PT and asked if I wanted to be in a clinical trial/study as well because in patients my age their theory is that PT is equally as helpful as surgery. A labral tear can never heal on its own.
I was pretty discouraged to learn that I wasnít a good candidate for surgical intervention.
Itís not always as cut and dry as the logic may seem: if you have a labral tear and FAI then you can get it fixed and go on with your life pain free. Sadly for those of us at later stages In life, this is not the case and of a surgeon promises you that he can fix it, I would do the research first on outcomes.
For younger patients, yes your prognosis is excellent.
Itís just hard to read this knowing for me, there is no surgical fix. For one, at my age there is severe degeneration of the hip socket and joint so that there is nothing to attach the labrum to hold it in place etc. Iím not describing it as well as I could because itís been a few years since I saw the surgeon and he explained why I may be better off leaving it alone and not causing further problems.
If anyone has credible clinical studies or white papers proving that wrong I am open to reading about it.
Iím 63 years old with grade 3 bone loss in both hips with FAI Cam impingement with a torn labrum in the right side.
Thanks for listening.