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    pelvic floor wand or something to do therapy at home

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    i hope that this finds you doing well.
    I've had pelvic floor therapy for 2 months twice. while it cleared up my pelvic floor, which while tight never bothered me, it did nto help my pelvic pain. i just went back to my gynecologist and my pelvic floor is not great, i guess. since i know that pt is not going to help my pelvic pain, which is my problem, i was wondering if i could get one of those wants that you insert and push on the trigger points with. does anyone have one of those?

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    I am pretty sure you have to get a wand either directly from a PT or get a prescription and buy one from a medical supply store. Some PTs suggest using vibrators but then you can't really do the trigger points as effectively.

    I have such bad pelvic floor dysfunction (since I was 13) that my gynecologist sometimes could not even do a one-fingered exam. He says the muscles literally "lock" and prevent anything from going inside. His advice was to start taking low doses of Valium well before attempting any invasive PT. I took the Valium for about 2 years and there was great, great improvement with both tightness and pain.

    As for PT, I still can't go to a session without hurting alot afterwards, so I'm kind of at a standstill. If you can handle any type of PT, like the wand, then it's a good sign and hopefully if it doesn't cause pain, it will help over time.
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    I found one at an adult store for ladies. It was pretty much identical to the one my therapist showed me in a pt catalogue she had and way cheaper.

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    Hi, when U went to pt before what kind of pt ? Did they do internal massage for u? Anyways u can buy dilators off of and that is what u use for this. Start with the smallest one and first just leave it in there or 5-20 mins and u don't insert it the entire way only a few inches and then when u r ok w that slowly massage or move around dilator urethra is 12 and rectum is 6. Stay between 10 and 2. Have u tried pelvic floor drops? Heal pelvic pain by Amy stein ? After a uti in march/April I got this constant I gotta go feeling and I initially thought it was IC but after months of the IC diet no chance the pt and I stopped straining to void and that helped most as well as squats and stretches and exercise. I am about to try a muscle relaxor too (flexerill) and I had my first internal trigger point work on thurs. I def flared after but she found lots of trigger points. My next tactic is acupuncture. I hope u feel better soon! I have no pain just the i gotta go feeling ! Tried Gelnique but made me too drowsy and didn't help too much and my pt who says this is Pfd said that'll actually make Pfd worse so if I have Pfd be aware of using those drugs.. Wish u peace!

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