I've been doing research online for improving acne, acne red marks and scars. One natural solution was to use lemon juice as a mild astringent on the face before going to bed. I was hesitant because lemon juice is a no-no for IC patients. But I thought, "well, it's going outside on my skin, not inside me, so it should be ok, right?" Wrong!

After using the lemon juice only twice on my face, I got a flare--I haven't had one in a couple months.

The lemon juice worked well on my skin--it has a mild tightening effect which makes scars less noticeable. It also made my skin feel very soft and my pores smaller. But the positives aren't enough to compensate for the ensuing flare I got after using it. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, please be careful if you decide to try this remedy. Test on a small area first, or try a diluted solution of lemon juice and water.

For me, it appears I will have to watch out for any commercial skin products that contain lemon, lime or orange, be it for my face or even body lotion.

ALSO--If any of you use a lemon juice & water rinse or a vinegar & water rinse on your hair, please be careful. If I got a flare from using lemon juice on my face, the same might happen using lemon or vinegar in your hair. I used to use lemon or vinegar to bring out blonde highlights in my hair. It also was great to cut the soap film, especially if you live in an area where the water is hard or doesn't seem to clean your hair very well.

Anybody else have the same problem??