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    Biofeedback and PC muscles

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    I know this has probably been addressed before but. . .

    After several months of PT I saw a nurse at my Uro's office who hooked me up to a biofeedback machine using surface electrodes. She (and I) could see that even before doing anything the tone in my PC muscles was elevated. She then asked me to contract and relax them a few times so we could see the tension go up and down. I had no trouble tensing them but at rest the muscle tone was visibly higher than it should be.

    She wants me to do exercises at home where I tense and relax my PC muscles for a few weeks before coming back again. This is like a kegel exercise, except that I am male. It is not clear to me how working these muscles will help them to loosen up, although according to the nurse tensing the muscles will help me to gain better control of them and therefor to relax them at will. My uro is a nationally recognized IC specialist, so I would like to believe that no one in his office would steer me in the wrong direction. On the other hand, I'm a little skeptical and even the specialists often seem to be stabbing in the dark when it comes to pelvic syndromes.

    Everything I have read states that for women, kegels make a high tone pelvic floor worse. Is there anyone out there with a similar experience who can weigh in? If you have had biofeedback, what has your experience been like?

    I am not a medical authority. Anything I say is based on personal experience or on what I have read.

    There is no substitute for a discussion with a good doctor who will work WITH you to find what works best for you.

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    I came across this blog posting in another forum for pelvic pain. I don't know if you'll find it helpful, but it is very informative about biofeedback and e-stim for high-tone PFD.
    34 years old, bladder symptoms all my life
    diagnosed with PFD and VV October 2009; IC May 2010

    Current meds:
    Cystoprotek 2 pills twice a day, Hydroxyzine 10 mg, Gabapentin 600 mg, Myrbetriq 25mg, Zoloft 25 mg, Mircrogestin, capsaicin cream (for vulva)
    Other past treatments:
    IC diet, physical therapy, Traumeel injections as needed, TENS unit, heating pad, instills with sodium bicarb, lidocaine, and mucosa compositum
    Tried and didn't work:
    Pyridium, Singlair, Nortriptyline, Elmiron, lidocaine and heparin instills (worked at first, then didn't anymore), various creams, acupuncture

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