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    Oily substance in urine

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    Hi, I've noticed recently that my urine has a layer of what looks like oil on top of it. Has anybody noticed this before and knows what this could be?

    I don't have an infection as I was tested recently and was clear.

    I also have a lot of small white flakes in my urine, anybody have any ideas?

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    Sparkle, that's a new one to me! Is it possible that the white flakes are part of your bladder lining tissue? I know this is the weekend but is it possible you could call Monday morning to your urologist's office and describe it? Let us know what you find out.
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    I've read several posts here in the past that mentioned the white flakes being present in people's urine. You might try looking over some older posts on here from last year. I don't recall if anyone found out what exactly caused the flakes of tissue but everyone who had them also had IC. I haven't heard anyone mention having an oily film layer though. Do you use any kind of vaginal inserts for anything? Suppositories? Lubricants?

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    Yeah, I've also heard the oil slick and the white flakes here over the years. Seems it's something our bladder does because of the IC. However, I'm not sure "normal" people with healthy bladders ever check out their own urine, so who knows if it's in everyone's?

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    I've been noticing white flakes in my urine. My urologist believes it to be bladder lining tissue. It's amazing how us IC patients pay such close attention to our urine. I suppose you naturally pay more attention to something that cuases you so much pain.
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