Does anyone know anything about the backorder of Nystatin Vaginal Tablets? I know they are made by Teva Pharmaceticals but they have been out of stock for months!

This is the only thing that helps me to keep the yeast under control without irritating me! I can't tolerate most creams as they cause the worst burning, inflammation and swelling.

I tried an over the counter 3 day Mycostatin ovule....what a nightmare!

I was able to get an RX from my doctor to have a compounding pharmacist make me nystatin capsules but it's not the same. They use a gelatin capsule, which doesn't dissolve and leaves a residue behind which is festering more yeast! They also put something else in it....not sure exactly what but it's not helping to keep the yeast away. I am at the end of my rope with this saga.

Does anyone know where I can get these Nystatin Vaginal Tablets. I was able to track down 2 local pharmacies that had some on their shelves and I bought them all. That held me for about 3 months but now I can't find any more and the manufacturer is still claiming a backorder.

Any ideas? I have been taking probiotics, and on a candida diet.