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Thread: Aloe Vera

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    Aloe Vera

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    Hi, was wondering if anyone knew much about taking aloe vera?
    Which is the best form? I know you can drink it as a juice or take capsules. Also what is the difference between aloe Vera and aloe Vera gel? I'm from the UK so not sure if we stock certain brands that you have in the US but would be happy to buy online if it's not to expensive. Thanks

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    I tried taking aloe vera capsules and it put in in a flare. After starting it it took about a week to start giving me problems. I had pain everyday so i quit taking aloe vera.

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    The ICN sells Desert Harvest Aloe made specifically for IC. Not all aloe veras are the same. Some will actually hurt you more
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    Aloe vera can come in many different forms, powder, pill, juice, gel, distilled liquid. I have only heard of aloe vera gel being used topically as a skin treatment for something like sunburn OR used as a intimate lubricant! I would recommend Desert Harvest capsules which is also offered in the ICN shop ( I take this regularly and find that it helps immensely; their brand markets towards ICers, and I would not take another brand of IC capsules because there are not any others made for ICers, and I would worry about fillers and other harmful things being in other brands. I also recommend George's (in the liquid form) (; however, ask your doctor how much to take of this, because it is not designed for ICers. I would not try any other aloe drinks; they are gross, and some even have pulp. George's tastes kust like water. Anyways, I hope that helps. Best wishes. Let us know what you end up doing and if you find any relief. I hope you do! Aloe really helps me.
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    I take liquid form sometimes when I think about it; I should continue to see if it would help more.

    If you take it this way, be aware not to take too much--only a cap full. Otherwise, you'll find yourself with stomach cramps and BAD poopies!

    It helps me with bowel movements, too, which is a plus when I'm detoxing.

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    I tried drinking Aloe Vera juice as a cleanse and had no bad side effects - I felt better for a few days but it quickly wore off its effects. I tried it as a gel (straight from the plant - it has leaves that break open and ooze) and it caused extreme irritation to the point where I had to shower to wash it off me.

    I haven't tried capsules, but I personally consider them the safest route. The only brand I can think of off hand that sells online is Desert Harvest.

    Feel better

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    I take aloe vera supplements, but I buy Nature Made brand. I realized after I bought it that there is some fennel in there as well, but I haven't had a flare. When I run out of this I'm going to try another brand that's just aloe.

    I haven't tried Desert Harvest because it's too expensive.

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    Hey there Sparkle

    Be careful of aloe vera juice - most contain citric acid. I have taken aloe capsules for 2 months now. They are Desert Harvest freeze-dried aloe capsules. Try their website or see if they are sold in the IC store. They are quite expensive though but may be worth a try.

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