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    Low Testosterone

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    I am 30 female who just got diagnosed with low testosterone. Anyway, do any of you know if this has anything to do with IC?

    My eyes are also dry.
    Frequency/Urgency, Mild Pain, Spasms, Pressure

    I have tried:
    Bladder Spasm medications and antidepressants - all cause mydriasis
    Antihistimine - Mydriasis
    Cyclosporine - side effects
    Elmiron - side effects
    Botox - can't pee but need to all the time
    Mild Hyrdo
    My 11 year old german shepherd taken away because I am no longer able to care for him. Feeling yet another failure.

    I am trying:
    Omega 3
    IC and anti oxalate diet but staying on Cystoprotek
    Acacia Fiber (helping some)
    Hugs and Kisses from my German Shepherd

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    Hi Natty - I'm not sure about your question. However I was just diagnosed with extremely low Testosterone.

    Like you, I wonder if it affects our bladder. I do know that any time our body chemistry is out of whack there are effects.

    I will be taking a gel which is supposed to help. I just received the gel and am nervous about hormone therapy - even though I need it.
    Sensory Urgency - having to urinate when I have lower volume in my bladder. Sometimes bladder discomfort. Sometimes Testicle aching. Heavy Anxiety!

    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Dr's don't think I have IC but the more I read the more I think this is all related. I also have a severe hormone imbalance - extremely low Testosterone.

    Zoloft 100 mg, Valium 5mg (use sparingly)

    What might help me:
    Still trying to figure this out.

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