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    Internal Massage Tool Allows At-Home Treatment

    Advertisement :
    Internal Massage Tool Allows At-Home Treatment
    Anderson R, Wise D, Sawyer T, Nathanson BH. Safety and Effectiveness of an Internal Pelvic Myofascial Trigger Point Wand for Urologic Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome. Clin J Pain. 2011 May 25. [Epub ahead of print]
    Many IC patients know that regular pelvic trigger point massage can really take down symptoms. But itís not always practical or affordable to go to physical therapy frequently to get it. Itís helpful to be able to massage the trigger points on your own, and a massaging tool can help patients do that, something that many physical therapists are already recommending to IC patients. Now, thereís study evidence that this approach is helpful. These investigators, including the authors of A Headache in the Pelvis, have tested a ďwandĒ that also includes a pressure-measuring device and found it to be safe and effective in the 106 men and 7 women who used it. The patients were carefully trained how to use the instrument and then used it themselves at home several times a week for six months. At the start of the study, the patientsí median sensitivity on a 10-point scale was 7.5. After six months, the score decreased significantly to a 4. Most (about 96 percent) patients said the wand was either very effective or moderately effective in alleviating pain. No serious adverse events occurred.


    Now how do I get one of these? Doctors be damned, I can follow an instruction booklet. Or at least get my GP to figure it out.. already to many strangers have been up in my body.
    • 27 year old student
    • Had symptoms since I was 5
    • Been on forums since '07, knew I had this since then, received mild treatment without true diagnosis due to anxiety. Diagnosed by symptoms on 4/08/11.
    • Had first horrible flare in 07, bad doctors, had to research IC myself to clue in onto what it was. After following the diet I went into remission.
    • Big flare in 09 due to an untreated bladder infection. Went back into remission in 2012.
    • Symptoms returned 4/1/15. All of my remissions have ended in April-May or September-October. It sounds like a connection to seasonal allergies to me..

    Currently: Continuous Birth Control, vaginal valium (10/6/11), Elmiron (4/08/11), UTA (4/08/11), continuous Trimethoprim for infections (10/6/11), Heating pad, Benedryl, harsh diet

    What I know works: Benedryl, diet, birth control, UTA, valium, ditropan, soma

    What didn't work: Elavil, vistaril (12/22)

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    There is one available called the Crystal Wand. It's available on Amazon although I think it cost less when I purchased it a few years ago. It comes in 2 sizes - one to use for trigger points in the vagina and one for trigger points in the anus. It does help but I had my physical therapist instruct me on how to properly use it.

    I joke that if anyone opens my night-table drawer they will find a rather odd collection of things.

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    I found the wand at an adult store for women. It was pricey so buying it on Amazon I'm sure would be less expensive.

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