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    Bladder pain after sex

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    Hello, does anyone know why the bladder hurts after sex? I go for weeks without significant pain and then, like yesterday, one session of sex and the bladder pain comes back like it had never left .. Why is that?
    I have a long term boyfriend but our relationship is a long distance one now. We see each other (and have sex) only every 2-3 weeks. On rare occasions, if he is ultra conservative, I do not experience pain, but as soon as we change positions, the consequences are for me devastating. The pain I am feeling now is the kind of pain I felt more than half a year ago! I could feel it coming already during sex, it is as if I could feel the thrusts (sorry for being graphic) right inside my bladder - is that anatomically possible? Or is the pain merely the result of muscles which have contracted themselves during the act in a subconscious attempt to protect the bladder? Is there any way this pain can be avoided, other than that of just sticking with the one boring position and have minimal movement within it?
    I despair ... I used to love sex; now it's just a source of pain, frustration, upset and even desperation! I am so scared the pain will take a long time to subside now, and even - I admit - I fear that it never will! The IC scares me so much .... still.
    please illuminate me on the subject of sex and pain if you can.

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    I feel really bad for you and am sorry you are going through this. I have not been able to have actual intercourse with my hubby in a very long time due to the pain and infection risk as well. It got to a point where it was just not worth all the pain and agony for me. Luckily I have a very understanding husband who is compassionate about my illness. there are other ways to be intamate without actually having intercourse. You have to ask yourself if a few minutes of pleasure for him is worth all the agony you have to put with afterwards. I would try other things. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


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    Re: Bladder pain after sex

    Thank you for*good*communication.

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