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A doc once told me if you think of your body as a glass, normally it would be half full, if you add something you are allergic to into it yourbody can deal with it. If you continually add thing into it you are allergic too into it, pretty soon your glass is full and your body can no longer deal with it and will cause your body to over react in variuos ways.

I have been to many allergist, but I now would go to a natural path and get allergy tests there. It is very expensive, but they can do hundres of tests with one bllod test.

They test in a different way, an allergist often does a scratch test, but your reaction can depend on if you have recently been exposed to the item. The blood test tests for antibodies your body has made against allergens, give a numerical value too it. I think this is a much more effective test.

Also alergist said itwas hard to test for food allergies, but not hard with the blood test.

When we were doing reno's to keep dust out of my bedroom, we hung plastic over outside of door, a bit ofa pain, but it did help. You could also hand curtian rod above the door and hang a shower curtian over it.

Good Luck mg
Thanks for the tips! Plastic bags over doors when my partner is working on decorating sounds reasonable and a good idea for sure! Cheers for that idea!