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    Muscle relaxers and IC

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    Hi, Folks!

    Thanks for tuning in to my thread. I have a question(s): Why would a muscle relaxer help IC? I am suspected to have PFD and am going to PT, along with taking Baclofen at night--lately, I've noticed that I feel ALMOST normal in the mornings until about noon. I'm wondering if it is because of the relaxer.

    IF I do have PFD, I know why the relaxer would help, but I suppose that my big question is: would it help someone struggling with solely IC?

    I am trying to figure out if I have one, the other, or both...



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    i am on muscle relaxers because my legs get tensed up i guess it could relax the bladder too. i have been in a mild flare so i am starting my weekly dmso treatments again. I hope they work again, sometimes things quit working if so i might have to try rescue treatments.

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    Ativan and a heating pad would sometimes calm my bladder spasms and stop the pain for me. I was having pelvic floor spasms and also bladder spasms. The spasms were causing the pain, so it made sense to me that relaxing the muscles would help. I have both pelvic floor hypertonicity and Ic.

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    The pain I experience is caused by muscle spasms. The relaxants help with that.

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    Hi Engtch29

    I'm in PA too! I have IC and PFD.. muscle relaxers don't help my bladder to feel better because there is inflammation on the inside of my bladder (IC).

    For my PFD, I use valium suppositories.. which are amazing! 10 mg of valium and my muscles totally relax and I don't get the side effects of prescription muscle relaxers!

    I get stressed very easily and I tend to tighten my pelvic floor muscles.. I don't even realize that I do it! So the valium suppositories really help!

    I've read that PFD can also mimick the symptoms of IC.. Some people get their PFD fixed (physical therapy..etc) and their IC like symptoms disappear.

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    My IC symptoms disappeared for 2 1/2 months after my pelvic floor therapy. If I could afford to stay in pt forever I would, but it gets expensive. I go for tune ups now and then and do my pelvic stretches at home. My therapist works solely with ic and pfd patients and has a lot of success with frequency issues.

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