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    I feel like my insides are falling out

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    For the past 3 days I have the sensation that something is coming out "down there." It feels almost like a tampon is coming out, or something is pushing out. The feeling is over my pelvic floor, but mostly I think in my urethra.

    Maybe my bladder has dropped? When I gave birth to my youngest son (who is about to turn 11), I had a major internal tear - 4th stage tear through my rectum. It was never repaired, and finally just healed itself. Maybe this is from that.

    My first uro appt is in 2 and a half weeks.

    Do any of you ever feel like your insides are coming out?

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    Hi Starry,

    I can honestly say that I have felt that way before. It usually happens to me after sex but I find that if I just rest it goes away. I am glad you are going to the doctor soon but if it does get worse maybe you could get in sooner on an emergency basis.

    Thinking of you.


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    I'm glad you have a urologist appointment. I hope you are diagnosed soon so you'll know exactly what you have.

    Sending healing thoughts,
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    Hi Starry,

    I've gotten that sensation before... but for me, that's all it is, a sensation. I had both my urologist AND my gynecologist examine everything in the pelvis, and neither found anything at all wrong with my anatomy. I guess it is just from IC inflammation sometimes, but it certainly is disturbing!

    However, DO go get checked, because you need to make certain everything is ok... it's always best to get your doctor's opinion.

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    Best wishes and hope your doctor can give you some answers. Hope your feeling better. Take care,
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    Hi, I have felt the same way and it was my had prolapse. It is now back were it belongs. Hurts like H... all the time but it doesn't feel like it will fall out at any second.
    Blessed Be!!
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    Hello Starry.
    I have this happen too, some times more often.
    I think it is just from IC inflammation sometimes,but you should get it checked out just to be sure.
    Best of luck and keep us posted on what you find out.

    Take care.Love, Zookeeper Kim

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    Where in the world is my bladder

    I can physically feel my bladder if I bear down and on ultrasound we can only find my bladder wheeeey down there. To get to the point, see your doctor to have it properly diagnosed and to give you options for treatment. My daughter gave me a fourth degree laceration with an extension to my rectum. No fun but worth the outcome I say. Let me know if you need anything.

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    I have that too!!!!

    For the pst four or five years i have had the same sensation. It is almost like I am in labor and it feels like everything is trying to come out.
    I am sorry that you have this also but it is nice to hear i am not alone.

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    Funny you should mention this sensation- I feel it too when I'm flaring. Maybe it's spasms or something.

    I agree you should check it out to make sure you are OK. In my case I know it's not a "dropped bladder" since I recently went through the surgery to repair that particular problem.

    Take care! Carla

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    Yes, I have had the feeling like there is a tampon not completely inserted. I think it was inflamation. I used some wrapped ice and that took the swelling down--temporarily. I already had an exam when I first went to the gyn and everything checked out okay. Probably just another ic symptom.

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