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    Considering InterStim: Question about Removal

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    I am considering InterStim and have a question about the procedure and the possibility of a removal.
    1. How long (time wise) does the permanent implant usually take (i.e., less than an hour -- two hours -- etc.)?

    2. I am being optimistic but want to be realistic too: if it does NOT work, do you have to have general anesthesia for removal -- is there an incision -- and how long does that process take?

    Thanks in advance: my urologist is great and is not pressuring me, but another one of my physicians has asked me these questions, and while I can and will have the two docs confer, I would feel better knowing some opinions from those who've been through this (and would appreciate knowing before next week)
    Thank you.

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    You need to get a second opinion before anything drastic.

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    ALWAYS get a second opinion and do lots and lots of research. My hubs uro will not see him anymore unless he gets the interstim, but he suffers from fluid retention due to other issues, and it was contraindicated for him. But the uro did not want to hear that. So we said goodbye to him.

    It helps many, harms many. So just don't jump in to anything without being informed. There is a thread on here about the interstim, look in to it and read past threads. Good luck to you, stay smart!

    Hope you have a painfree holiday....Jill, wife of Bob

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    The placement of the perm InterStim does not take to long...I was put under a twilight sleep doing mine so I could tell if the wires were on the right nerves or not..

    For removal and for me personally that was worse..Because of the scar tissue built up recovery took a little longer..And yes I was knocked completly out for this one..
    God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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