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    Septicemia.... now what?

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    I've just finished with a bout of septicemia. It started as what I thought was an IC flare. When I had a fever and flank pain, I saw a clinic Dr. who said it was a kidney infection ("everything" on UA) and prescribed Septra.

    Three days later I landed in hospital with septicemia. I had a 2-week round of Levaquin IV (10 days of home infusion with a PICC line), and now on a followup visit to my regular GP, she says there's a trace of leukocytes (No nitrites) in my urine and she wants me to do a week of oral Cipro.

    On the way home (of course) I started thinking, and remembered that I always seem to have leukocytes in my urine. I'm not crazy about taking Cipro, as I already have neuropathy in my legs, arms, and head that is very painful and troublesome (that is a side effect of levaquin and cipro). She didn't do a culture and sensitivity, nor did she do a blood culture. Sigh.

    I know septicemia is very serious but I hate to take more of these strong antibiotics if it's not really needed. I already have an itchy rash over my entire body from this last round of levaquin. The drug also seemed to affect my heart, as I had supraventricular tachycardia (160+/minute), and even on Cardizem it is still 100+ a lot of the time, coupled with low blood pressure, often 90/45 or even lower. (I told this the the dr, BTW.)

    I'm wondering if any of you have noticed chronic leukocytes in your urine, without a UTI.

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    Hi Marmotte,

    I don't know enough to speak about the leukocytes but i know enough about antibiotics and infection that you should be careful to make sure infection is totally gone. Septicemia is especially dangerous so definitely talk with your doctor about it before deciding not to take the quinolone (cipro, lavequin) antibiotics because you don't want the bacteria to rebound now having almost been killed by the antibiotics. If you voice your concerns about this type of antibiotic she might give you another type or even a cocktail. One doctor told me that for certain infections you have to do a long course or followup with second type even if all trace of infection is gone.

    My wife got lyme a few years back and her bumble head doctor decided that 10 days of doxycycline was enough. I had to research and point out the center for disease control was suggesting 6-8 weeks back then and finally got him to agree to the full course. I know it was the right thing because she came out fine whereas many people get stuck with lyme because of starting treatment late or not long enough antibiotics.

    Symptoms: started July 2007

    New pain medication regimen has things under pretty good control for many weeks now. Exercise and eating healthy along with pain control have given me new life.

    Current Symptoms: pain in testicles, penis and general groin area. Other discomfort that is beyond pain, a maddening crazed feeling that defies description. New pain medication has most symptoms under good control.

    Frequency and urgency was a problem the first year or so but frequency is normal now.

    Diagnosed: Prostatitis first then IC by Cysto/Hydro

    Current Meds: Hydroxyzine 25mg 3 x day, Pyridium 200mg 3 x day (off 3-4 days on 3-4 days), Oxycodone, Norvasc (BP).

    Past medications and treatments:
    Protatitis and IC diet strict for 6 months, no change. Still watch diet although nothing seems to help or make worse. Have tried reverse, ate lemons to see if worse but no change at all.

    Meds tried - Amitriptyline, Detrol, Flomax, Cipro, Doxycycline. many other antibiotics, Uroxatrol, Vicoprofen, Elmiron (6 months at $320 mo nothing), Aloe, Cysprotek, Glucosamine, Marshmallow, various oils, tons more stuff to strange and numerous to recount. Hydrodistension for diagnostic was horrible for two weeks after I was sure I must be going to die because nothing could feel that way and let you live.

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    Septicemia can be a life-threatening illness. As seriously ill as you have been, I think it's best that you work with your physicians to be certain the infection is gone. Even if someone else has leukocytes without an active infection, that's doesn't necessarily mean it's safe for you to ignore your doctor's advice. If you don't have confidence in what you're being told, you really need to get a second opinion, but if I were in your shoes, I'd be taking the antibiotics while I wait for the appointment.

    The tachycardia could easily be due to the septicemia rather than the antibiotics.

    Sending healing thoughts,

    P.S. Are you in the heavy snowfall area?
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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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