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    Help can't get rid of bladder infection

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    I have been fighting a bladder infection for 6 weeks now - and am getting no better. The Dr does a culture - gives me macrobid and says try this for 10 days. I go to my primary care on Thursday and am going to call my uro for an appointment. This started with no symptoms, just a pain in my bladder - no burning, nothing to tell me it was a bladder infection. A couple days after the pain in my bladder, my back started to hurt, but I ignored it... the next morning I woke up and had the chills. I knew I was in trouble then. Went to the walk-in-clinic and the doctor said "you have a bladder infection. I told him no, I have a kidney infection. I have had one before and had renal failure caused by the medication. My temp was 103. Took the macrobid for 10 days - two days later I self check for an infection and it is still there. Go back have a second culture - dr says macrobid will work take it for 10 more days. Two days later the infection is back. I call drs office. They said we are doing a culture will call you back. Called back and said macrobid will work. I take macrobid for 10 more days. it didn't work. I think I am loseing my mind. Anyone had this problem or something similar? PLEASE HELP


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    I had a high temp and a lot of pain. My Doctor told me to go to the ER and he wanted me admitted. I did, I was. They had to fight the infection with antibotics put into me via my vein. They did tests to look for stones. I did not have any. I was in the hospital for 6 days. I think your Doctors need to take this more serious. Keep in touch and let us know what you PCP thinks and does about this. I am so sorry. I will always remember the suffering I went through. Maybe if you are comfortable enough with your Doctor you should tell him/her that you are afraid and concerned that the infection is still ongoing. Wishing you get better soon! Hugs, Ziggy

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    I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I can read your frustration in your words. I hope you feel better very soon.

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    I've had UTIs that have resisted Macrobid and the next thing they usually try is Cipro. I don't know if there's a reason they are sticking to the Macrobid in your case.

    I have gone to the ER before with what I thought was a UTI (turns out it was the beginning of my IC). My urine dip in the ER was positive for white cells (which can also happen with an IC flare), so they gave me an IV antibiotic and a week of Cipro. Didn't help in my case, obviously, but if you are not making any progress with your PCP and are desperate then the ER is certainly an option, if not a very attractive one.

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    I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It must be both scary & frustrating at the same time!

    I agree, keeping in touch with your doctor on your status is a good idea. I think sometimes they forget about us, or assume we have improved when we don't re-connect. Then it's easy to fall through the cracks.

    I hope this is resolved soon for you!
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