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    Started the Jorge Cruise diet plan and been losing weight and its a pretty good diet. Allows only 15 grams of sugar a day and suggested that stevia products were a big help. So I bought some stevia root beer, packages of stevia and started to use them. After about a week I was having a weird itching on palms of my hands, and bottoms of feet, then I started getting gas, and very loose stools. I also had mild headaches and some heart palpatations about a half hour after using it. I didnt connect it until one day after I drank a root beer, I had a diarerra. I went on line and found many, many forums where people were complaining of the same thing.
    I got interested in just what is this stuff, and I found out it is related to the ragweed family, and can initiate allergic and histamine release in people who are sensitive to ragweed. They also sometimes mix it with another sugar called erythritol which also causes problems with people who have asthma or bladder problems if you are sensitive to it. erthritol and manitrol are extracted from some type of yeast and one woman said they gave her urinary tract infections and yeast infections both.
    Really bummed about this as I thoght it was a great idea, but I am a reactor to it, and allergic to ragweed so just relieved to find this out and get an answer to why I was feeling so lousy, thought I had the flu.
    Hopefully, most of you will not be sensitive to stevia, as there really isnt anything short of pure cane sugar that seems safe these days.


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    Hi Sammi! I really appreciate your input! I have heard about 50/50 on stevia.....some like it and don't have problems, others do.

    I find it VERY interesting that it is related to the ragweed plant.I guess that rules it out for me!
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    Since I posted on Stevia I have found out more during my research--I know-just an incruable egg head at heart.
    Not all products labeled Stevia actually contain much of it and are mostly additives such as erythritol, a sugar alcohol or isomaltulose, or a stevia extract Rib-A. It seems that most of the problems with bloating, stomach pain can be caused by the erthritol. They use this as stevia is expensive for a good grade so they mix it with other stuff.
    Stevia itself is grown in US Southwest, South America, China. The stevia from china is allegedly from the chrysthanum family of plants. Stevia is brown when harvested and is chemically treated to make it white. Some varieties of stevia are very high grade and they are creamy pale yellow.
    Problems start with the way manufactures process and pick the stevia. It they use the whole plant they often will process it with alcohol and other nasty substances similar to decaf coffee. A good manufacturer will use only water processing such as sweet Leaf stevia. However, sweet leaf also uses the erthritol additive to make it sweeter which is too bad. Some of the chemicals used to process stevia are from yeasts and this is a huge problem for yeast sensitive people.
    If you use stevia, buy organic, check out if it is water processed, check out the percent of actual stevia in the product. Some only have 1 % stevia and the rest alcohol sugars like erthritol; a good product will be 90-95 % stevia, and not stems, but leaves. If you get a good stevia product it is a healthful herb used for a lot of things, as well as a sweetner with no calories and no problem for diabetics.


    Meds: Melatonin 3mg @ bedtime if needed. Estrogen 1.5 mg troche and 0.1 mg Estrace cream.
    Diagnosis: IC, PFD (both in remission)

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