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    Hormone Therapy after Hysterectomy for Endometriosis

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    I had a total hysterectomy 18 years ago, I was 26 then. I began hormone replacement therapy after the surgery. Unfortunately the endo came back. I stopped hormone replacement. I had surgery last December and endo was found but was dried up. After reading Jill's post, I'm thinking some type of hormone therapy might help my IC symptoms, but so far most of my doctors don't recommend this. I have tried the estrogen creams and they make me flair. Anyone else out there in the same boat?What have your doctors recommended?

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    Yep. HRT here

    I, too am nearly 18 years post-hysterectomy for severe endo. I was 20 years old. Immediately after surgery I was on the then-popular DepoProvera shot every 3 mos to help control future problems with the endo which could not all be removed because of the magnitude of it. After that I took premarin and provera combo for about 12 years!! As you might be aware, that combination proved to be deadly in studies, so my gyno switched me to the Vivelle d.o.t. patch. I change the patch twice a week and have had no problems with it.

    I suffered little to no pelvic pain with the endo post surgery and feel so blessed for that. My physical therapist found tons of scar tissue in my abdomen which we theorize is contributing to my pfd and IC currently. I will probably need surgery soon to get rid of the scar tissues and hopefully it won't "disturb" the endo again!

    I think every Dr. has a different approach to treating women with endo and administering hormones. I trust my gyno because he saved my life when he did my surgery and he is an authority for pelvic pain/conditions/infertility.

    I hope you find a treatment plan that will help you soon.
    Best wishes!
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    I've had 7 surgeries for suspected endometriosis (all patholgy reports came back negative though!) and severe abdominal and pelvic adhesions. Eventually I had a total hysterectomy and was told "no hormones" because of the possibe endo! I was 43 at the time. I went without hormones and was miserable! I lost a lot of weight.....went down to 89 lbs! and had no curves left. I had debilitating daily migraines that went on for months at a time. My bladder was still giving me problems throughout that entire time too. I also found out that I had developed osteoporosis. I decided to go to a new gyn and he said he didn't think i had endo....he had read all the reports. He thought it was my bladder all along and that I desparately needed estrogen. I went on the Vivielle dot patch and my headaches almost vanished! The sledgehammer I had stuck in my head was finally out. I still suffer allergy migraines....but that's different. It took a while but my osteoporosis got better and I am now labeled as osteopenia. My hot flashes that bothered me terribly also went away. I am on the lowest dose and doing well with it. The patch is small and transparent. It stays on! I've tried other brands but they don't compare!
    My adhesions were finally resolved by an adhesion specialist that I traveled out the country to have surgery. But.....that's another story!
    Good luck with the Vivelle Dot if you try it!

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