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    Leukocytes in urine but no nitrates

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    I have been in a flare since a UTI. Retested at doctors office said the UTI was gone. I was taking bactrim.. ANyway so after the uti I got bacterial vaginosis and have been on flagyl. I am in a horrible flare. So I bought the AZO UTI test strips to see if maybe the UTI was back. It showed I had leukocytes but no nitrates. So I started taking a 3 day supply of Cipro. So not sure if I have infection or not. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks

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    I just recently read in "THE IC Survival book that many people with IC have high leukocytes in their urine. I'm sure it's not an infection but more the joys of IC

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    The confusing part though is that you don't have to have nitrates in your urine to have a UTI. Often times a UTI is diagnosed with significant amounts of Leukos and Erys with no nitrates. Not all bacteria result in a positive nitrate result. Makes it hard to tell a UTI from flared IC.
    Symptoms began: January 2010
    Diagnosed with IC: May 2010

    Began with burning during/after urination, frequency, urgency, urethral spasms. Recurrent UTIs since 2002. Pelvic pain.

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    Used in the Past:
    Gepan Instills (Chondroitin sulfate) 1x/mo until Sept 2010
    Loratidine (Antihistamine)
    Tilidin (opiate analgetic not commonly prescribed in U.S.) as needed
    Cystoscopy w/Hydrodistention: May 2010 (found this temporarily relieved my spasms and urgency)
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