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    White flakes in urine

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    Sometimes I notice white flakey things in my urine. They look like skin!

    What are these? Should I be worried? Could it be that my bladder lining is disintegrating?

    I brought this up to my first Uro and he assured me that it was not my bladder lining. I noticed it when all this IC stuff first started and then I hadn't really paid attention to much until recently. The last few days I have been noticing them more.

    Does anyone else have these and what are they? Is it normal?
    Diagnosed Sept. 2009 based on symptoms

    Current Medications:

    Elmiron 100 mg 3x per day (started Sept. 09)

    Glucosamine w/MSM 1000 mg per day (started Oct. 2009) Added Glucosamine w/MSM and Chondroiton in Jan. 2010

    Elavil 12 mg at bedtime (started Dec. 2009) Upped my dose to 25mg on Dec.14th) Lowered dose to 12 mg again on Dec. 28 due to the feeling that I was having slight retention

    IC Diet

    Ativan as needed .5 mg (this really seems to help with my symptoms)

    Update as of Jan. 6th 2010

    Stopping Elmiron and weaning off of Elavil

    Started using 10 mg vaginal valium

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    Everyone will have some very small flakes in urine at times --- if it's something new or if the flakes are large, it can be a signal of infection.

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    seems to be pretty common

    This comes up every few months. I have had this a couple of times when I had bad flares, and for some reason, when I passed the skin-like stuff, I felt better afterwards.

    I always thought it looked like the flakes of skin you get when a sun burn peels. Maybe it is like that, but the docs seem to think it is quite normal.
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    I had my annual appointment with my Urologist last week. I had to give a urine specimen. I looked in the cup when I was done and saw a couple of white flakes in the urine. I asked the lab tech about it and she said that it was trash, i.e., toilet paper. That was the first time that had happened to me, and I'd recently switched brands of TP. I'm defo switching back!
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    I get this too now and then. I just figured it was a normal type of shedding.

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    I've had this too. Before I knew I had IC, I noticed it alot when I was passing kidney stones and resulting infections. Now that the stones are gone, it seems to become more prevalent with really bad flares and infection. I always describe it to my doc as the lemonade effect because it looks so pulpy.
    Tried Elmiron, Elavil, Atarax, Botox...with no success and/or adverse reactions.

    Current: self administered bladder installations (down to 2x a day per dr advice), Lamictal, Lexapro, Lorazepam, Zyrtec occasionally, Prelief, Tramadol, Oxycodone, Trimethoprim at bedtime, Gabapentin, Omeprazole, Flector patch, Tens Unit, warm baths, other forms of heat therapy, IC diet, Gluten/Wheat free diet, vitamins and Premarin because of hysterectomy and osteoporosis.

    Have difficulty getting pain under control from IC and other health issues. I've pretty much accepted it as part of my life.

    I am thankful for supportive family and friends. Not everyone is supportive all of the time, but I am so thankful for the support I do receive.

    I pray for healing for all and for a cure.

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    I had them a couple months ago for about 3 days and I haven't had them since. Us IC patients are extra observant of our bladders and our urine so I'm sure we notice things that people with normal bladders do not. I guess it could it could be part of the bladder lining. It seems to me somthing that is thinning and weakening would probably shed. It it persists you should tell you doctor about it.

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    Re: White flakes in urine

    A great*exchange of information.

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    Re: White flakes in urine

    I get that too - I would describe it as a white jelly type looking. I asked my doctor what is was & he said it was mucus from bladder. I will be discussing this with my urologist when I see him.

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