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    burning bladder in the early morning hours???

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    Does this happen to anyone? Around 4am it starts, my bladder feels like it is on fire. I pee every 45 minutes or so and it is just drops. Before that I will be up maybe 2 times to pee, but there is not that intense burning. It happens every night. I know our urine is most acidic at this time and I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and took anything to help it.

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    No, I've not had this happen except for a few times where I had indulged in some late night snacking that was IC unfriendly.

    It could very well be that your urine is becoming too concentrated or acidic in the overnight hours, causing irritation. Also, reading your post I couldn't help wondering if there might be something you're eating, drinking or taking (like vitamins, a medication, or?) before bedtime that's coming back to bite you at 4AM?

    It must be hard to have every night interrupted like that!

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    I have this problem even when I'm not flaring. I think it its just the fact that my urine is more concentrated after sleeping.

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