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    Question White Flaky Specks in Urine

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    I am doing a voiding diary this week and I noticed some white flaky specks floating in my urine. I have never seen anyhing like this before. What could it be? Is it anything I need to be overly concerned about to the point of going to the uro or the ER. I had another culture taken Friday and I just learned an hour ago that it was negative. So the infection finally cleared up and the burning is almost gone away but the constant "gotta go" feeling is driving me crazy. I'm having a very difficult time completely emtying my bladder. I've got a little over 6 weeks left on my medical leave to get my bladder healthy enough to work. I'm not sure if that is going to happen. I am very frustrated with my progress. I don't think the elmiron is helping. I have another rescue instillation scheduled for this coming Friday and two more for next. I need a major healing to take place. Please everyone, pray for me.
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    The white flacky thigs are quite comman, nothing to worry about, you can look up old posts about this it has been talked about quite often.


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    Yes, as MG stated, it's very common. I notice it quite often in my urine and I remember reading a post where someone else was asking about it. I believe it was ICDonna (I could be wrong) that stated that when you aren't feeling well, or in your case doing a vioding journal that kind of thing sticks out a lot more, where as we normally wouldn't notice it. I hope you start feeling better soon!
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    You are in my prayers! Hope you feel better soon.....a cure is right around the corner!!!!!
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    Even a healthy bladder will shed some flaky stuff occasionally. Try not to worry --- I hope you feel better very soon.

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    I hope you feel better soon as well. I get freaked out about stuff all the time so it's good that you asked someone.

    I see the little flakes too, or what I think you might be talking about.

    I'll pray for you tonight, I promise!

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    I have had this a few times in the 11 years since I have been diagnosed. For me, it usually comes during a nasty flare. When I void, it can be kind of scary...almost like sunburned skin peeling. The interesting thing is that after it happens I feel perfectly fine! It is almost like the flakes of skin (or whatever it is) irritate the urethra.

    I sure hope you feel better soon!!
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