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    Does anyone have uti symptoms right before your period?

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    This mostly when mine occur. The uro told me to come see him every time I thought I had a uti, so last week, symptoms showed up, just like every month, and I went. Only to be told the same thing as always. No bacteria.

    Several people have suggested I get checked for endemetriosis. My 20 year old daughter has this and my symptoms are not like hers. Don't know if that necessarily matters.

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    I really couldn't say about endo, but a lot of us have flares along with our periods. I believe it's shifting hormones.
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    I definately flare before my periods. I am 51 and still having periods every month to month and a half and I flare every time.

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    Same here - there ist definitely a connection!

    Instead of seeing your Uro why not try those chemically treated dipsticks which tell you - at home! - whether or not you have bacteria in the urine...

    Saves you the trip

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    My flare ups are definitely connected to hormone fluctuations around my period.
    - Courtney Farris

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    I have endo and I don't get UTI symptoms before my period. I just flare from sex, food/drink, stress or exercise.

    My surgeon says the endo is quite severe and deep in my bladder but I don't notice it causing flares really. That said, I don't have a normal cycle because part of my treatment is taking the pill and running the packets together for months without a period if I can. So maybe that makes it harder to detect the bladder problems endo could be causing.

    Did you ever take the pill while you've had IC? If so, did you flare just before your period?

    Hope you find a solution to this problem!

    It is pretty hard to diagnose endo without surgery.

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