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    elmiron and high blood pres.

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    i had a stroke last friday,,didn't know i had any problems , but now i dr,took me off the elmiron and it was helping me alot ..has anyone had this problem of high blood prs. while on this drug????? excuse the typing, i don't have my right hand back completly..but i am improving daily..

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    Dear Karen -

    I don't have any first hand information about Elmiron, but I wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear that you had a stroke. That is awful. It sounds like you are doing pretty well. Thank God for that. Hope you get some information from others about this soon.


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    I'm really sorry to hear about your stroke. That's scary. I would ask your doctor to find some proof that Elmiron was responsible for or contributed to your stroke or caused an increase in blood pressure. Nowhere in the literature is elevated blood pressure or possible stroke mentioned as a side-effect of this med; since I have high blood pressure I am pretty conscientious about reading info on drugs before I decide to take them.

    My blood pressure is normally controlled by Toprol, and since I have been on Elmiron I haven't seen any differences in my readings. I hope you recover soon!

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    Sorry you had a stroke--its good to hear that you are on your way to recovery.
    My sister had one a handful of years ago, and even though the EMS techs said she did, the doctors didn't believe them so she laid in bed for almost 6 hours before someone actually did anything for her. (so getting treatment right away is important.
    I have been on Elmiron for over 10 years - BP has never been an issue. I am taking Toprol XL-but not for BP-I am using it to control my heart from beating to hard due heart valve surgery.

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    Dear Karen,

    I am not a physician, so please do not mistake any of my comments as medical advice. I am just a fellow sufferer sharing my experience with IC.

    Scheduled for Radical Cystectomy & Indiana Pouch, July 16, 2009

    Hit with severe pelvic pain on 6/14/08 (7:05pm): GYN, MRI, CT, laparoscopy, colonoscopy: All Clear
    DX'ed with Severe IC: Findings during cystoscopy and hydro-distention on 9/11/08 showed: scattered areas of hemorrhage and glomerulizations, w/bloody efflux. Update: Had second cysto/hydro on 5/21/09: My uro said "there were thousands of lesions" all over my bladder.
    Current Meds: Bladder Instills (self-adm 3 x per week or PRN); MS Contin; Lortab (PRN); Zanaflex; Maxide; Estradiol Patch
    Other helpful remedies: IC Diet (very important!) especially no chemical additives or preservatives; Drink 1.5+ gal. of pH neutral water per day (I test my water frequently! This is very, very important!!); Prelief; Heating pad; and lots of hugs from my wonderful hubby!
    Meds I have tried, but could not take: Amitriptyline & Imipramine (both made me mentally nutzoid, gave me nightmares, and neither one touched the pain); Lyrica (didn't touch the pain either, plus it made me very nauseous after eating and then it triggered my IBS); Cymbalta (didn't touch the pain either and it made me horribly depressed--all I did was sleep and cry!); Percocet (did very little for the pain and gave me headaches); Discontinued using Sodium Bicarb & Kenalog in my instills (it burned really bad!).
    Discontinued Meds: Elmiron (replaced by Heparin in instills); Bentyl (antispasmodic and anticholinergic; Zanaflex works much better for me!); Valium Suppositories
    History: IBS (spastic colon) since 1982; Partial hysterectomy 1985--completed in 2002 with extensive adhesion removal (I think this surgery was my IC trigger!); Non-painful urinary frequency since 2002; No history of frequent UTI's; HPV and abnormal paps 1/07; Sporadic PFD

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    I am so sorry, Karen. I hope you continue to progress toward complete rehabilitation. (((Hugs)))

    Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

    Where I can be found most days.

    Link to the ICN Patient Handbook:

    Link to the IC Diet:

    IC Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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