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    Is 6mg of valium a low dose

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    I have just started taking 6 mg a day (at once) for PFD/Anxiety. I have already noticed some improvement with my bladder, which previously caused constant pain. I have even noticed that I did not flare after sex! Which is amazing. My question is this, is 6mg considered a high, therefore easily addictive dose? My Dr. says it is a small dose and I should be ok on it for a long time. Just wondering what everyone else's experience has been with valium and what their Drs. said. Thansk

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    It depends on the person. Some people can take 10 mg with no problem, others will head for lala land on 5. I'm in the second group.

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    Does the valium make you drowsy?

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    It is definitely up to the person and how long you have been on it. I can take 10 or even 20 mgs some nights and have no problem with functioning during the day.


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    Just me, if I were first starting on valium, I would consider 6mg taken at one time a midrange dose....enough to help w/ both PFD and anxiety...IF I had never taken it before and if I were taking it only as needed.
    My gyn considers 2mg a low dose for PFD. That works for my PFD. For anxiety, however, I personally would need more than 2 mg...probably 10 mg. BUT I have some serious anxiety issues as well as PTSD.
    All of the meds in the valium/benzo family have the potential for physical dependence, tolerance, esp if taken on a daily basis, regardless of the dose. You may find that you don't have to take it daily once you get the PFD and anxiety under control. That is always best, esp w/ the benzo meds, or really any meds that you can take only as needed, I would think. Best wishes,Bri
    PS...I took 2 mg valium up to 3xday when it was first rxd for my PFD. I took it as prescribed for a month or so, then as my PFD symptoms got under control (very quickly, I must say) I only had to take it as needed. I am glad it is working for you!!

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    6mg valium dosage - update

    I do not feel "lala" at all and I do believe it is helping, especially with the anxiety that recently I have found overwhelming since I can't seem to get my symptoms under control and now my hypothyroid is out of wack and I am suffering from that also (weigh gain, fatigue, hair falling out, horrible allergies etc...). I tried starting at 2-4 and didn't notice a difference, but the 6 is helping so I will stay with that until I at least get some of my issues under control. Thanks for the info!

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    I'm glad is working for you.
    I know some people can't tolerate it. I can, thank God I tolerate valium , up to 10 mg and being able to to be fine while I'm awake, if I lie down, it knwock me off. But I had taken it in the middle of the day and I was even able to function well at work.
    I can't tolerate othe drungs, such as flexeril wich is a muscle relaxer. That would be my choice if I could.

    The downside of val is that you create a depndency, but as your IC gets better, so your Pelvic floor will and you could gradually stop it.

    Some use it vaginally. I haven't tried that yet....
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    I also take Valium, but I only take 2mg up to 4 x's a day...I take it for my PFD and when i'm in spasm works right quick.

    I think taking 6mg all at once can be a lot, but if it is helping, I wouldn't fret too much about it. I take sometimes up 8mg all together.

    But it is addictive...I know when I don't take mine, I feel funny. It honestly is prolly the best thing I have tried that helps more than any of the looong list of meds I take.

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    The 2mg dose worked great for me for PFD and VV and very fast, like you the 2nd day I was feeling almost complete relief from PFD spasms and VV and just the 2 mg always seemed to start working in less than an hour. I much preferred it to muscle relaxers, which just knock me out cold. I don't know the reason why it seems a much higher dose of valium generally is necessary to relieve anxiety ( for me, 10 mg) while such a low dose as 2 mg works so great for me for PFD and VV??
    But definitely the lowest effective dose is preferable, esp when taking it for both anxiety and PFD, and if able to take it only as needed much less chance for dependence. However, like with many of the meds we take, dependence is a possibility...and one that many of us are worth risking to be able to live normal lives!
    Valium is one of the meds that I have used with the most success for a variety of my PFD, VV, and IC symptoms.

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