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    Menstrual period during cystoscopy?

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    I am scheduled to have a cystoscopy next Friday. I am also expecting my period to come next week also - would having my period affect the procedure in any way? I really want to get this cystoscopy over with and hopefully having my period won't make a difference?

    Also, anyone who has had a cystoscopy before - what were your symptoms after the procedure? were you in pain for awhile? I really hope I don't have bad side effects.. I'm so nervous!

    I am having it under anesthesia. I'm not having a hydrodistension - well, they didn't mention I was.. as for now I'm scheduled to have a cystoscopy and nothing else.
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    Are you having a cystoscopy under anesthsia or in the office? I've only had them under anesthesia (I've had three) and I was also on my period for my last cystoscopy. During the prep. for the procedure, I had to strip down to the hospital gown. Because I could not keep my panties, I was given a pair of disposable panties and fresh pad. The nurse explained that it was mostly for me to use pre and post procedure. She said that the period would not get in the way of the procedure. The procedure went along as planned.

    I would imagine that you would also be fine for an in-office procedure. I have had my period during gyn. appointments as well, and it did not seem to get in the way of what the doctor was doing.

    My residual pain after the cystoscopys have varied somewhat. I will say, though, that in each case I had to stay home for a full day and a half for recovery. That said, I've always had a hydrodistension (where they expand your bladder past it's normal size) and I suspect that that is where most of my post-procedure discomfort came from.

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    I'm not sure about the whole period thing but I had a ureoscopy (through the bladder and ureter to look at Kidneys) before I was diagnosed with IC. I had a terrible reaction and was in the hospital for almost a week afterward. I don't mean to be a downer or anything I just wanted to warn you that some of us don't have very good reactions. I did have to have a stint put in one of my ureters, however and that could have been part of the problem. I know others on the site say they don't have any problems with cystoscopys. Also the urescopy is different so maybe a cystoscopy won't be so bad but I don't plan on having one ever if I can avoid it. Good Luck I hope you have a better experience then me.

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    It's probably okay, but I would check with the doctor's office.

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    Check with your DR as they all have different protocol. My URO will not do a procedure during menstruation.

    Wishing you well..

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    i was on my period...

    i was on my period and the dr. was fine with that but i was miserable since im in more pain during menstruation, oh by the way i was put under general anesthesia. hope this post helps, check with ur dr. just in case.
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    i just had hydro #5 & wouldnt you know, i got my period that day!! my uro. had no problem doing it with my period & actually the last hydro I had i also had it then. they just gave me a giant hospital pad to sit biggie!
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    I am not sure about the menstration thing other than most of us seem to flare around that time and that could make the procedure cause a worse flare. Also, the cytoscopy with hydrodistention actually caused a progression of my disease including horrible pain for weeks after the procedure. I would definitely call your dr and tell them you will be on your period, and ask if they will be doing the hydrodistention. That would be something I would want to be prepared for. I'm not trying to be discouraging...just letting you know some people do not have a good response to the procedure.


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