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    How long does it take Amitriptyline to work for pain?

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    I started taking Amitriptyline about 2 weeks ago. I started taking 5mg for a couple days, moved up to 10mg for about 10 days and then just moved it up a couple days ago to 20mg. At this current dose, it's helping me get the sleep I need, but I haven't really noticed a dramatic reduction in pain yet (bladder pain and vulvodynia pain). How long will it be before I notice a difference? Thanks!


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    Wink hi there

    i found with me that i upped it with my docs supervision every 2 weeks and when i got to 100 mgs then i found relief....
    but that is just in my case....some people are fine when they get to a smaller number than 100...
    and some try other kinds such as tofranil since that is for nighttime frequency..
    check out the antidepressants thread lower down....
    i hope you find relief soon...
    I am a cat lover----wouldn't be here without em

    been having a bad time so now trying meds to help the situation but its an uphill battle

    One day we will all have relief from pain....i do believe that but it doesn't come fast enough....

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    Although I know others have had success with this med aka Elavil for pain, for me I haven't gotten pain relief. Possibly because the low dose of 10 - 20 mg that I would take. However, it has been a LIFESAVER for me for frequency, urgency, and sleeping thru the night w/out nighttime RR trips. It started working for me for those symptoms within 2 or 3 days, and later I was able to take it on an as needed basis (approved by my dr) since it works so quickly and so well for my frequency, urgency, and nocturia. For burning and pain I use Pyridium and/or Tylenol 3 with much success. best wishes,Bri

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