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    Question Continuous UTI's & Flare up Question

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    I am currently 27 weeks along.

    Has anyone else have continuous Uti's and/or constant symptoms this pg? I am on my 4th UTI of this pg and have had multiple bouts of symptoms with some negative cultures.

    I have mild IC, but according to my urologist, *IC is suppose to get better with pregnancy*. Um, it hasn't, but there is no convincing her of that (and she is the best urologist for pregnant woman in Pittsburgh… BIG SIGH).

    They have tried to give me a few rx's that are not yet proven safe in pg, so I have avoided them. I have taken Macrobid (for the antibiotic), Vicodin (for the really bad pain), and Peridium (does not really help me though), which have all been confirmed safe for pg by my OB, urologist and HROB.

    I just hate taking anything but my prenatals but some of these infections and/or flare ups have really made me double over in pain and discomfort. Sitting at a desk all day is excruciating. I am sure a baby right on a already aggravated bladder and urinary tract is not helping my cause.

    Anyone else going through this and what have your doctors done for you?

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    I just wanted offer you hope that things will get better. My symptoms didn't develop until after my 2 sons were born, so I don't have any advice on what to do while being pregnant. But Tuesday I had my uro/gyn appt and one of the ladies I was sitting by and I started chatting about her pregnancy. She said that she had been dealing with IC for a number of years and her first pregnancy, she was lucky and her symptoms did decrease while she was pregnant, but this pregnancy she wasn't so lucky. I didn't have a chance to find out how she was dealing with it because the nurse called me to the back, but she did say that Dr. Ling was helping her get through it.

    Hugs, Tracey

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    I am 29 weeks and have suffered with recurrent UTI's as well. My OB and URO are close friends who have been keeping each other posted on my pregnancy and IC issues. I have been on 100 mg of Macrobid once a day since 1st trimester as a preventative, however, I still have had some UTIs. My IC has only gotten worse with pregnancy, so I understand how you feel. I have had to take Darvocet for pain and Peridium as well. I manage to get through most days with these. I felt guilty at first about taking them, but after going into preterm labor 3 times so far, I had to rethink my guilt. My bladder was getting so flared up that it was in turn causing me to have contractions. I am now on Brethine twice a day for the contractions and have to get checked once a week to make sure my cervix is not changing. Don't feel bad about helping yourself. I couldn't even take the prenatals b/c they flared my bladder. Take care of yourself so that you are physically able to take care of your baby when it comes. I hope everything works out for you.
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    Actually, the statistics seem to be more 50/50. About 50% of us do better when we are pregnant. The other 50, not so much. I am sorry you are part of the second half, but I promise you are not alone!

    At 27 weeks you should be safe taking whatever you need to make yourself more comfortable during your pregnancy. I don't mean that any and all drugs are O.K, I just mean you and your doctors will all be a little less concerned now that the baby is fully formed.

    I would just make sure your Doc. understands that not all women do better during pregnancy, and is dedicated to helping you through this pregnancy knowing that your symptoms may actually be worse. A doctor that listens and will work with you is really your best ally right now.

    I am on my 5th pregnancy right now, 2nd one post IC, so I feel for you! Good luck!

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    I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time. I agree with the other women that taking the pain medication is safe because you are further along now and the baby has all it's major parts formed. I know it's aggravating. I had one flare towards the end of my first trimester and I'm in the midst of another one right now at 24 weeks. I am waiting to hear back from the OB's office about my urine culture to see if it's a UTI or not. I haven't had a true UTI yet with this pregnancy so I am guessing it's just an IC flare from the baby getting larger. I was awakened at 2:00 a.m. last night in pain from her kicking my bladder all night . . I was like please baby move up a little higher or kick to the side . . I have been laying in bed with an ice pack all day and she doesn't like that much either but it's the only thing giving me real relief. I have called in sick to my office job for the past two days because sitting is so painful but I have to teach tonight and it's not going to be easy. My dr had mentioned Vicodin before so depending on how long this flare lasts I will probably take him up on his offer. I am also scared to take anything but I know stress and pain is not good for the baby either. You would be surprised how many pregnant women take narcotics for migraines and kidney stones. I'm already on Elmiron and may have to try increasing that as well. I think my current flare is from vacuuming and walking 25 mins on my treadmill on Sunday. I can't believe such simple things would flare me but exercise seems to be my enemy these days. Please know I am thinking of you. Try the ice pack if you haven't already.
    The combo of things that brought me out of remission were artificial sweetners, liquid vitamins with citric acid, tight pants, lower body workouts and stopping all my allergy meds cold turkey during height of allergy season. I wish I knew back then what I know now about IC
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    Treatments for my IC/PFD: Elmiron 400 mg per day; walking, Zyrtec, Claritin, Singulair, Neurontin 100 mg per day; Ice packs and laying down; About to try Cytotec
    Tried and Failed: Heat (always makes me worse!), Heparin instills -too painful for my urethra; Atarax (interfered with my quality of sleep first time, second time dried my bladder out; Elavil makes me sick, lidocaine patches (just plain don't work), Cystoprotek (only tried a couple months but didn't seem to do much), Aloe Vera caps, pelvic floor therapy, trigger point work flared me worse, Lyrica (bad stomach pain)
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