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    Post Bottled Water with Potassium

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    Here's a question for you? I know I've read posts about bottled water and I read the one about potassium, but I've been noticing that the bottled water that has Potassium added to it, really makes me flare.

    What's your thought on this?
    Currently taking Elmiron 3 times a day, Ditropan XL 10 mg, 1 time a day, Elavil 10 mg, 1 time a day.

    I also use a vaginal cream once a week and I follow an IC diet and use Prelief.

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    I didn't think there was a difference in water until I came to this site.

    I found that I can drink alkaline water, like EVIAN - 7.2, or TRINITY - 9.6. These waters really help my symptoms. I can't drink anything but alkaline water anymore. No tea, no soda, no coffee for sure, and no juices either. I have even taken to cooking with my bottled water and have noticed an improvement. It's expensive, but it beats suffering.

    I would imagine that water this water would make me flare big time. I'll stick to my evian and trinity.

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    I noticed that you are from Florida. I drink Zephryhills, which has a PH of 7.7. You may want to give it a try also. It is not as costly as Evian. Zephryhills is bottled in Zephryhills, Florida. Therefore, you can probably find it some where around where you live. Here in Tennessee, I buy it at Target or Eckerds.



    A good site to check PH, potassium and many other minerals in bottled waters is . It has data for lots of bottled water from all around the world. Hope it helps you find one that agrees with you.


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    I had no idea water was going to be an issue! I already miss my Lemon!!!!!!!!! I love water with lemon in it!

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